Report: Enduring Neglect of TB

In September 2006, timed with the World Bank’s annual fall meetings, ACTION partner's released, Enduring Neglect: The World Bank’s Inadequate Response to Africa’s TB Emergency. The report evaluates World Bank spending on TB in Africa with specific recommendations for increased investment and programming. At the time of the release, ACTION coordinated a journalist conference call for North America featuring Stephen Lewis, UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa.

In the US, the report’s release generated an editorial and news article in The New York Times, AP and AFP wire stories, an editorial in The Boston Globe, and coverage in several other regional papers. In addition, RESULTS Japan distributed the report to 80 journalists as well as government officials and other NGOs, and RESULTS Canada’s efforts generated a wire story in Canadian Press, the largest wire service in Canada, which led to articles on CBC and the National Post’s websites as well as print coverage in regional and local papers.

As a result of this report and ACTION's continuous efforts, with the support of other partners, the World Bank has given increased attention and expressed a  “renewed commitment” to TB and TB-HIV in Africa.