Social determinants of nutrition: a gender equality approach


Time: 10am EDT (DC) // 3pm BST (London)

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, women and girls’ nutrition have been disproportionately affected by the secondary impact of the crisis, and a variety of societal factors make women and girls even more susceptible to malnutrition. Pandemic responses should adopt a greater focus on women and girls’ fundamental rights, by adopting a multisectoral approach that address the social determinants of nutrition. In this webinar, following the 74th World Health Assembly, RESULTS UK will launch the latest policy briefing, "Malnutrition is sexist: The determinants of nutrition for women and girls."

Nutrition International and RESULTS UK will also discuss the benefits of cross-cutting health and social nutrition interventions for ensuring good nutrition outcomes for women and girls, and advocate for strong evidence-based commitments at the next N4G Summit in December 2021.


Chair: Alan Lally-Francis, Head of Policy Advocacy at RESULTS UK

Mathilde Chiesa, Policy Advocacy Officer (Nutrition) at RESULTS UK
Sarah French, Policy Advocacy Officer at Nutrition International