Meet our team member from South Africa — Sizwe Nombasa Gxuluwe

Sizwe Nombasa Gxuluwe is my name, born and brewed in my beloved country of South Africa — in Africa, oh Africa! my continent.

I am so passionate about who I am and where I come from, so my culture and Africanism mean the world to me. I am an African and honored to be part of this great and diverse continent.

I am a human rights activist at heart. I am passionate about combating gender-based violence and eliminating all forms of discrimination against women and children; though, of course, human rights are for everyone and need to be protected and promoted.

My line of work suit what I believe in, hence I am engaged in advocating for quality health for all in Africa. Working for WACI Health allows me to embrace who I am, as the work is core to the principle of humanity, known as Ubuntu in my home language.

My dream is to see all African people access quality and affordable health services with no financial hardship.