Meet our team member from Canada — Leigh Raithby

Leigh Raithby

Born in Toronto, Canada – known for its extreme weather, from can’t-leave-the-house cold winter nights to melt-in-your-seat humid summer days – I feel as though this refusal to be one thing has rubbed off on me. Like the extreme weather systems of my home country, I am drawn to experiencing it all – never willing to settle for one place, one experience, or one perspective. As you (hopefully) get to know me throughout this blog, you’ll see that I am equal parts adventurous and homebody, extroverted and introverted, spontaneous and regimented.

As I sit at the beginning of my career, I am eager to see what life unfolds for me – from adrenaline-filled adventure trips to lazy Sundays spent doing a crossword at my family’s cottage.

On the quieter end of the spectrum of my personality, many know me as an introverted individual who can easily spend a day to myself. Since I was young, I have loved to engage in creative outlets, like drawing. Throughout university, where I studied Health Sciences, I took several visual art courses that provided a much-needed escape from the busy routines of university demands. I continue to seek out activities that provide this sense of calm, including cooking and practicing yoga.

Somewhere in the middle, I fill my days with activities that both energize and relax me. One activity that I have long enjoyed, both on my own and with a group of friends, is running. So far, I have completed a few half-marathons and hope to complete a full marathon within the next couple of years (and now that I have included that in this blog – I have to). 

On the other end of the spectrum, I love a good adventure. I was fortunate enough to grow up spending time outdoors, camping with my family in the summer and skiing in the winter. I love to travel and hope to continue seeing more and more of the world. During my undergrad, I spent one semester in Copenhagen, where I was able to travel much of Europe and experience new cultures and traditions. Most recently, my mom and I traveled to Argentina where we camped and hiked through Patagonia, rode our bikes by the Andes and explored the rainforests surrounding Iguazu Falls. Here is a mid-bike ride picture of my mom and I in Bariloche!

Joining the ACTION partnership, in my new role as Policy and Advocacy Officer at Results Canada, I feel fortunate to do something different every day. From independent research to international events and collaborations, this role provides the perfect mix for me. As I joined Results Canada during the pandemic, I am eager to meet my team in person and continue working on the important issues that we focus on – including my file of tuberculosis! I am excited to be working in such an impactful field and hope to be able to use my position to enact meaningful change for those in the greatest need.