How we drive change: by expanding a solid, sustainable base of political support for global health built on trust and responsiveness.

We anticipate our work will help to build the network of champions, responsive institutions, and engaged communities needed to sustain political will and political action on global health.

Influence Strategies

As a partnership, we support a diverse group of individuals and organizations to participate directly in policy and advocacy work. We work alongside policymakers as trusted resources and critical friends. ACTION and our broader network of community and civil society leaders actively participate in the governance and decision-making of global health institutions.

Global Health Influencers

ACTION works extensively with traditional global health influencers such as health policymakers, academics, and philanthropists. At the same time, we work to expand the definition of influencers beyond the “inner circles” of policy to include all individuals or groups who are able to help shape political priorities for health, the public narrative around global health, the public health research agenda, and the advocacy agenda for health at the community, subnational, national, regional, and global levels. We do this by expanding the influence of diverse champions—individuals who use their personal experience and passion, as well as evidence-based policy options and campaign messages, to promote equitable access to health. We are committed to providing opportunities and tools to help ensure champions are equally heard.