Accountability Tools

Other Accountability Tools

A World at School Donor Scorecard

This scorecard highlights declining trends in funding for basic education from bilateral and multilateral donors. This scorecard was launched in 2015. LEARN MORE

A World at School MDG2 Scorecard

This scorecard tracks enrollment rates and funding for education for the 29 countries home to most of the more than 58 million children unenrolled in schools globally. This scorecard was launched in 2015. LEARN MORE

African Leaders Malaria Alliance Scorecard

African heads of state review the ALMA scorecard at the African Union Summits each year, and the scorecard is updated quarterly to capture progress throughout the year. The scorecard was adopted in 2011 and there have been 20 updates since its launch. LEARN MORE

African Union Domestic Financing for Health Scorecard

This tool tracks domestic resources spent on health by African Union member states, comparing countries’ performance against five global and regional financing benchmarks and against one another. This scorecard was launched by the AU in 2016. LEARN MORE

Donor Tracker

This website features comprehensive profiles of 14 major donors from OECD countries. The site also features a deeper look into development assistance for four specific topics:  global health, global health R&D, agriculture and nutrition. LEARN MORE

Generation Nutrition Scorecard

A scorecard tracking progress against the six global nutrition targets adopted by the World Health Assembly in 2012 in 50 of the highest burden countries. This scorecard was launched in 2016. LEARN MORE

TheirWorld Early Childhood Development Scorecard

A snapshot of equity gaps and opportunities for improvement for early childhood development, including nutrition, in 20 African countries. This scorecard was launched in 2016. LEARN MORE

Universal Immunization Coverage: Further, Faster, Fairer

This scorecard from RESULTS UK and Save the Children highlights countries where progress on immunization is lagging, and identifies opportunities for more equitable and accelerated progress to universal coverage for immunization. LEARN MORE