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The Power of Vaccines

Tracking Donor Commitments to GAVI

June 2011 was a breakthrough moment in the fight against child deaths. The world committed an additional USD 4.3 billion to the GAVI Alliance, a public-private partnership working to increase access to immunizations in developing countries.

Our donor immunization record tracks how donors are faring in delivering on their commitments, which enable GAVI’s work to avert 4 million future deaths by 2015.

So how are they doing?

While many countries are on track to fulfill their commitments, Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Sweden, and the United States are still on the hook to deliver promised funding, while urgent follow up is necessary to ensure eight countries – including Australia, the European Union, and Japan – extend their current pledges to 2015.

GAVI Donor Immunization Record
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Find out more, share the resources below, and get involved in advocacy in your country to ensure our leaders fulfill their commitments to prevent child deaths.

  • Download our full Donor Immunization Record, and find out where your country stands.
  • Our interactive map offers additional context on how 17 donor countries are faring in delivering on their pledges. For many countries, you can also find out how you can connect with advocates in your country working to mobilize political will to fund the GAVI Alliance. 
  • What’s ACTION’s official take on our new tracking tool? Read our statement.
  • Alison Root, ACTION’s Senior Associate for Child Health and Vaccines, has written a blog on ACTION’s Donor Immunization Record!
  • Want to get wonky? Download the data used to inform our findings.
  • Check out the online and interactive version of GAVI's Mid-Term Review Report.