Tragic Bearing : Tuberculosis at Siem Reap

Posted: February 22nd, 2011

Although Siem Reap is the second biggest city in Cambodia, the heath care system is not enough to treat poor Tuberculosis patients.

First of all, poor health comes at a high price in Cambodia. On average, Cambodians spend $33 per person each year to treat sickness, compared with government health expenditure of just $2 per person.

Also, TB patients' families are too poor to employ a person tending the sick so that some family members who have weak immune system like children under 5 years are easy to get TB when they look after their family, TB patients.

According to WHO`s estimating, the overall tuberculosis prevalence in Cambodia is extremely high. With 703 cases per 100.000 population per year, it is the highest in Asia (after East Timor) and the 7th highest in the world.