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Where Are the Missing Millions?

In order to meet the goal set at the United Nations high-level meeting on tuberculosis in 2018 of diagnosing and treating everyone with TB, it is important to understand who is being missed with TB services, where the missing people are located, and what actions need to be taken to find and treat all people with TB

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Annual Report 2017: Impact

The pages of this year's annual report are replete with examples of smart thinking, dogged determination, the fire of the ACTION partnership's collective passion to end poverty, and the benefits of a network that truly values the principles of equal partnership, local leadership, and global ambition.

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WHA Engagement Guide 2018

The World Health Assembly (WHA) Engagement Guide is a tool for civil society stakeholders seeking to engage with the WHA and the World Health Organzation (WHO) Executive Board.

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Advocacy 101

For individuals new to advocacy or long-time activists looking to brush up their skills, the following toolkits adapted from RESULTS Educational Fund’s Activists’ Milestones can help guide your efforts.

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ACTION’s Advocacy Best Practices

This best-practices guide from 2007 highlights some core components of ACTION’s advocacy that have led to successful advocacy efforts to mobilizing additional resources for global tuberculosis control.

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ACTION Strategic Framework, 2017-2021

ACTION believes in a world where all people have equitable access to health, and it is our mission to influence policy and mobilize resources to fight diseases of poverty and achieve equitable access to health. Learn how ACTION plans to achieve its vision over the next five years in the ACTION Global Health Advocacy Partnership Strategic Framework, 2017-2021.

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