World TB Day 2014 Statement: A Global Disease Needs a Global Response

March 24, 2014 – For World TB Day, ACTION partners around the world are calling on their leaders to prioritize and address tuberculosis as an urgent national, regional, and global threat.

From calling on the European Union to address TB as a regional threat, to coordinating an unprecedented call to action on TB from 160 policy makers from G7 countries, to addressing the spread of TB across Southern Africa fuelled by mining activities, to working with communities and governments to ensure vulnerable populations receive the TB diagnosis and treatment they need, it’s clear that coordinated political will to tackle TB as a global health threat is building.

“No one country can end tuberculosis alone. As an airborne and infectious disease, TB doesn’t respect national borders and is a truly global threat that requires truly global solutions,” said Aaron Oxley, Executive Director of RESULTS UK, an ACTION partner.

This year, ACTION is joining the global TB-fighting community to rally around a call to reach the 3 million people who get sick with TB every year, but do not receive the care they need.  

These 3 million people are living with TB but either cannot access health care, can reach health care but aren’t being diagnosed, or are receiving a TB diagnosis that is not properly recorded by national health systems. National governments must prioritize and build strong TB programs that ensure TB testing and treatment can be accessed by all, especially the most vulnerable, but they can’t do this alone.

Civil society around the world must hold their governments accountable to promises on TB, and ensure we sustain momentum to reach the 3 million people who continue to silently suffer from TB.

And international donors must continue to support and work with the low- and middle-income countries where TB burdens are highest to ensure they can continue to build equitable and accessible TB programs.

“We’ve made impressive progress in coming together as a global community to tackle TB,” said Alison Root, ACTION Deputy Director. “But we must ensure this collaboration leads to the political will and investments needed to finally end TB as a public health threat.”



ACTION is a global partnership of 10 advocacy organizations in donor and high burden countries working to influence policy and mobilize resources to fight diseases of poverty and improve equitable access to health services. ACTION’s priorities are ending the TB epidemic, and ending preventable child deaths.

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Angela Pereira
Senior Communications Associate