$2 Billion Worth of Opportunity on HIV, TB and Malaria

12 February 2015 – The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria has released a list of approved programs waiting to be funded, providing a picture of the range of opportunities that exist to accelerate the fight against the three diseases.

“Each program on this list is a strategic and concrete opportunity to save lives and improve health,” said Hannah Bowen, ACTION Director. “Every row and column represents drugs, tests, and quality care that countries and their partners will be able to deliver to those who need them.”

The list of programs – called a “register of unfunded quality demand” – represents $US 2 billion worth of proposed health programs in 42 countries. The requests have passed the Global Fund’s rigorous approval process but cannot be funded with current resources. The Global Fund had projected it would receive proposals for more high-quality programs than the $US 12 billion committed by donors for the 2014-2016 period could support.

Examples of Programs Waiting to Be Funded:

  • Improving the detection and diagnosis of drug-resistant tuberculosis (TB) in Haiti
  • Strengthening the supply management systems that support treatment for HIV and TB in Mozambique
  • Distributing long-lasting, insecticide-treated bednets in Indonesia

Private donors and a limited number of public mechanisms – such as UNITAID – can contribute funding directly via the Global Fund to projects on the register that they want to support. If additional funding becomes available to the Global Fund, it could allocate resources to implement projects on the list.

“The lives saved these programs represent demand that all public and private donors respond with urgency,” said Aaron Oxley, Executive Director of RESULTS UK, an ACTION partner. “Governments must fund the Global Fund at ambitious levels, and private donors must grab the opportunity to put their significant resources to work saving lives immediately.”

Since its creation in 2002 as a ‘war chest’ to accelerate the end of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, the Global Fund has mobilized and invested nearly US$4 billion a year to support programs in more than 140 countries. Its investments have ensured 12.3 billion people were tested and treated for tuberculosis; 7.3 million people living with HIV accessed treatment; and 450 million bednets were distributed to prevent malaria.

“It is a a sign of our collective success that more and more high-quality opportunities to fight these diseases are being proposed. We hope the creation of this list will motivate countries to continue to express their needs to the Global Fund, and paint an even clearer picture of what is needed to end these epidemics,“ said  Allan Ragi, Executive Director of Kenya AIDS NGOs Consortium, ACTION’s partner in Kenya.  



ACTION is a global partnership of 10 advocacy organizations in donor and high burden countries working to influence policy and mobilize resources to fight diseases of poverty and improve equitable access to health services. ACTION’s priorities are ending the TB epidemic, and ending preventable child deaths.

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