Women Deliver 2019 Conference

Women Deliver's 2019 conference will be held in Vancouver, BC, Canada. More information here:

ACTION will be hosting a side event on transition confirmed (details to come) and integrated health and microfinance called "Better together: matching supply and demand to improve women and girl’s health."

Side Event: "Better Together"

From India to Benin, from the Philippines to Peru, women form groups to engage in financial activities, for solidarity, and to implement self-help projects to improve the health and financial well-being of their families and communities. For over a decade, in collaboration with local partners, Grameen Foundation and RESULTS Educational Fund have worked with these women’s financial group networks to integrate sustainable and scalable health programs. Designing a holistic package of health services with financing tools, behavior change communication and linkages with healthcare providers improves healthcare access and drives demand for services.

Those of us gathering at Women Deliver come from different countries, different contexts, and different sectors. Together we offer a multitude of exciting interventions and most of us share a common goal: help women and girls take control of their decisions and their future. However, many organizations still too often work in silos, unaware of innovations in other sectors and unable to make strategic connections with a potential partner. How can we effectively work across sectors? How can we better match supply and demand within the health sector? With this event, we will facilitate conversations and perhaps even future partnerships via “speed dating” … after all, each of us is searching for the perfect match to make our program goals come true!

Contact Sabina Rogers to learn more.