WHA71 Official Side Event on Civil Society Engagement

Taking Civil Society Engagement to New Heights to Advance WHO’s 13th General Programme of Work and Achieve the “Triple Billion” Targets

Tuesday, May 22, 2018 | 6:00-7:30pm CEST | Room IX, Palais des Nations

Note that an RSVP is not necessary to attend the side event but that seats will be available on a first come, first served basis. WHA badge required to attend.

This official side event intends to foster dialogue and build consensus among Member State delegates, WHO officials, and civil society representatives around how civil society can best contribute – in partnership with WHO and governments at all levels and in varying contexts – to delivering the goal of Health for All.

The event will build momentum behind enhanced civil society engagement in pursuit of the “triple billion” targets outlined in WHO’s 13th General Programme of Work, in coordination with WHO, Member States, and other health and development partners.

It will also feature preliminary findings of a joint WHO-CSO Task Team commissioned by Dr. Tedros. This is a group of 22 civil society representatives from around the globe helping WHO extend its reach and advance its ability to save lives through collaboration with civil society at local, national, and global levels.