Written Declaration on immunisation passes in European Parliament!

We are delighted to announce that a European parliament Written Declaration has been passed after reaching, and exceeding, 372 MEP signatories. The Declaration is currently standing at 398. You can watch a video of the declaration being passed here.


This particular Written Declaration was tabled by a group of MEPs including Mary Honeyball MEP who represents members of the RESULTS London groups. The RESULTS July 2011 action on EU financing for vaccination played an important role in getting the Declaration tabled.

The Declaration makes three points:

1.       Congratulates the Commission on the support it has given to the GAVI via theDevelopment Cooperation Instrument and the European Development Fund between 2003 and 2012;

2.       Urges the Commission to make a continued commitment to reducing the number of vaccine-preventable deaths in its future external actions;

3.       Instructs its President to forward this declaration, together with the names of the signatories, to the parliaments of the Member States.

Now that the Declaration has passed, there are a number of possible further actions which MEPs can take to further the agenda set out in the WD within the European Parliamentary system, putting increased access to vaccination firmly on the agenda. We will be working hard to maximise this exposure and make use of all possible advocacy channels with our colleagues in Europe.

This is an excellent step forward for our EU advocacy work and shows the strong support among MEPs for global health and vaccination, the collaboration between RESULTS UK, the ONE Campaign Brussels and Global Health Advocates France has been crucial in making this happen. RESULTS grassroots have also played a key role in helping to reach the required number of signatories, contacting those members that were slow to sign and building public support for the declaration.