Video: Training Nurses on TB’s Front Lines

David Bryden is  the Stop TB Officer at Results Educational Fund, based in Washington D.C.  

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David Bryden also interviewed Tania Monteiro, a Portuguese nurse who contracted tuberculosis at work.

And check out his interview with South African doctor Dalene Von Delft on her battle with multi-drug resistant tuberculosis.

For many people, tuberculosis is a dirty word associated with poverty and poor living conditions.  And when a patient is contagious, there is a risk to others.  All of this can lead to TB patients being treated with less than the love and concern they need to stick with the long, difficult course of treatment and get better.

What can be done about it?  Frontline health workers, especially the nurses who confront serious personal health risks by working in a TB unit, can tell us a lot about what leads to stigma about TB and what solutions there may be.

While attending the Union World Conference on Lung Health I had the privilege of interviewing Gini Williams, a TB nurse who runs a training program for nurses through the International Council of Nurses. She shares her perspective on how training can lessenTB stigma and improve patient care. She feels it is important to eliminate any delays in getting patients on treatment, plus she says it is crucial to inform nurses and consult them about procedures and facility design.