New Report: Progress on Nutrition in Cambodia

Screen Shot 2014-06-04 at 15.06.32RESULTS UK, an ACTION partner, has published a new report called ‘Undernutrition in the Land of Rice’, examining undernutrition in Cambodia.

As the global community marks the first anniversary of the Nutrition for Growth summit in London on 8th June 2013, the report draws attention to the continued need to maintain momentum on undernutrition. Last year's summit -- which brought together worldleaders, agencies such as the World Bank, national and international NGOs, and the private sector -- was deemed a success,mobilising $4.1 billion in new pledges to tackle undernutrition around the globe. If well spent, it was estimated these pledges could save 1.7 million lives and prevent 20 million children becoming stunted from a long-term lack of nutritious food.

But as with all pledging events, progress must be tracked to ensure all promised funds are delivered.

RESULTS UK's report on Cambodia's fight against undernutrition demonstrates the importance of taking a long-term approach that focuses on accountability, making concrete recommendations for Cambodian agencies and the global community: Read the full report here, and learn more about what the UK government is spending on nutrition