Infographic Friday: Reaching Unimmunized Children

Okay, I lied. This isn't our usual infographic for Infographic Friday, but this video from the GAVI Alliance is so compelling I thought it was a must-share.  It also comes at the end of the GAVI Partners' Forum, where more than 600 global health leaders gathered in Tanzania this week to discuss accelerating progress in global immunization.

They had much to celebrate; globally, more and more children are immunized every year. But many children - largely from the poorest and most remote areas of the world - are still excluded from immunization programs. ACTION collaborated on a report with Save the Children as part of our continuing work to reduce global and national immunization inequities.

We also joined with fellow civil society organizations to call on the GAVI Alliance to support greater civil society engagement in its work, since civil society is critical to addressing these inequities.