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Infographic Friday: Polio eradication, Let’s Make it Happen

Posted by ACTION Secretariat, Washington, D.C. on Feb 08, 2013  | 

Since polio eradication efforts began in 1988, the number of polio cases per year has decreased by 99 per cent.

About 2.5 billion children around the globe have been vaccinated against polio, saving millions of children from the burden of severe polio complications. Currently, polio only remains prevalent in three countries. As Bill Gates said in media interviews last week about his annual letter, polio is on track to be the second human disease -- after smallpox -- to be eradicated from the earth.

But we need a final push. Learn from about polio eradication and current funding needs from the Global Polio Eradication Initiative and the Gates Foundation. You can check out the action our partners, RESULTS Canada, is taking to preserve funding for polio.