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  • Posted by RESULTS Australia on Oct 09, 2017  | 

    A new report by the ACTION indicates that at least 24 countries are likely to experience transition to reduced support from two or more multilateral health financing agencies within the next five years because they have just recently passed the threshold for moving between low-income and lower-middle income status. This process known as "simultaneous transition" poses a significant risk to sustaining improvements in health services. The ACTION report recommends possible solutions to this looming challenge. Read more

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    Transitioning from multilateral to domestic healthcare financing: The looming challenge

    Posted by ACTION Secretariat, Washington, D.C. on Sep 19, 2017  | 

    Throughout the human life cycle, the most critical variable for optimal living will always be good health. Without good health, it is difficult if not impossible for people to self-actualize contribute to the financial growth and stability of families and to the national and global economies, and lead generally productive lives. ACTION Global Health Partnership recognizes this, as it does the reality that globally, millions of people experience serious barriers to health. ACTION, therefore, has made it its mission to influence policy and mobilize domestic and multilateral funding to fight diseases of poverty and achieve equitable access to health for all people. Read more