NEW! The Polio Accountability Tool

Use ACTION’s Polio Accountability Tool to see the history of the effort to eradicate polio, and track the government dollars that have made polio eradication a likelihood

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Nutrition for Growth Accountability Tool

ACTION’s scorecard tracks the ambition and delivery of N4G commitments by the largest government and philanthropic donors and points out what is needed to meet global goals for improved nutrition.

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Last Update: August 3, 2016
Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, Accountability Tool
This ACTION scorecard tracks major government donor commitments to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, detailing what donors have pledged to Gavi in 2015 and where they are in delivering on their pledges.
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Last Update: February 25, 2015
Polio Accountability Tool

New: ACTION launches a Polio Accountability Tool tracking donor commitments to polio eradication.

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Last Update: April 27, 2017