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The Power of Vaccines Heather Teixeira

Follow the funding to polio eradication

Posted by Heather Teixeira on Apr 30, 2017  | 

ACTION’s new Polio Accountability Tool tells the unique history of polio eradication and tracks the government dollars that make eradication a likelihood. Use this tool to track your government’s participation in this effort and help ensure that future generations are completely free from polio. Read More

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The Power of Vaccines

Vaccinating in Nigeria will drive the country’s progress

Posted by RESULTS Australia on Apr 28, 2017  | 

Nigeria has a population of nearly 192 million people and expects to add another 7.3 million newborns to its population. The country’s under-five mortality rate has been falling steadily since the early 1990s and has halved since the 1980s. Between 2001 and 2016, Nigeria received US $698 million in Gavi funding, which has supported supplementary activities for immunization against typical childhood diseases. Nigeria will need healthy citizens to help it on its development pathway, and these children, who have been given such a strong start in life, are sure to be driving the country’s future progress. Read More

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The Power of Vaccines Heather Teixeira

Pushing forward to save children’s lives

Posted by Heather Teixeira on Apr 24, 2017  | 

Every year, up to three million children’s lives are saved because of vaccines. Diseases such as tetanus and diphtheria, previously major killers of children are on the decline because of increased access to immunization for children all over the globe. The efforts made to date to roll out immunization services to children around the world are laudable. But, progress doesn’t equal a job completed. We need to push harder and further to reach those children that have been left behind. Everyone has a role to play in ensuring that children don’t die from vaccine-preventable diseases. Read More

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Ending the TB Epidemic

More investment in research needed to control tuberculosis

Posted by ACTION Guest on Apr 03, 2017  | 

By Ari Probandari, MD | World Tuberculosis (TB) Day, observed March 24 each year, calls attention to the disease as one of the world’s oldest and deadliest. The date commemorates the 1882 announcement by Dr. Robert Koch that he had discovered the cause of the highly infectious disease: the tubercle bacillus. Under the theme, “Unite to End TB,” advocacy groups are intensifying efforts to reach the World Health Organization’s (WHO) goal to eliminate the disease by 2030. Read More

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